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Dec 2018
I don't know if you'll ever see this
I mean my letter to you
This may not be the best way
But let it find the best place in your heart
For it's sharper than two edged sword
A scripture you might say
Yet deepr than you might think
Don't ask if it's the Holy book

This is my letter to you
Certainly not my first letter
Treat this as the best I've scribbled
This is not to remand you
Or to appeal your conscience
It's to remind you
And to prep you
Of the better days ahead

In this letter,
I want to remind you
That there mightl be days
That you may fail
A day you might fall
It happens to everyone
Even the best of them
They were once frail

Be inspired by the Wright brothers
Who advanced aero technology
Think about Thomas Edison
Who invented the light bulb
It all revolved around this inspiration
That there is only one thing
Which makes dreams impossible
When you doubt it's possible
Yes! that makes dreams a no-win

Fear! Yes that's the detour
The fear of failure
You may encounter many defeats
But you won't be defeated
Put on the full armour of defense
That is your best attitude
It will elevate you to the highest altitude
It is your attitude
More than your aptitude
That will determine your altitude

To crown it all,
Always strive to be better
Not better than your fellow
Instead, a better version of you
No matter how small it may look
It still makes a positive impact
In your life and spirally
To the people around You
Written by
Festus Boamah
   Shiv Pratap Pal
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