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Dec 2018
grab me by the scruff of the neck and retrieve me from the gale outside.

the glow of the night clenches the window panes and wets the curtains,
the membranes of dusk and dawn blurred like your shadow and you.

i was born to you with my eyes shut and ears closed,
ensconced to your chest it did no harm.

the glands in my mouth dissolved the membrane and resolved the remembrance.

in the ****, i was bobbing up and down.

i washed up upon your shore,
amniotic waters rushing out of the closed canals of my downturned ears.

handed you my wee sailor cap and on your head it perfectly perched.

smear me with tallow

steer me through wallow

there is no anchor other than you
2018/12/25, 2018/12/31
Written by
Nicole H
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