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Dec 2018
I had a visitor,
A victim of the bludgeoning's of love
He talked of books,
wearing a Tolstoian mask
Something out of fiction,
like that which you fear
We talked,
and with each remark,
I saw a darkness slip out
Much to my shock,
it accompanied his shadow
Like his mind wasn't his own,
and his words were just gone,
replaced with those out of old romance novels
There was a sickness in him,
a void where his heart should have been
His skin turned pale,
his face dry
And all that which made him human,
was now an artifact of his existence
for when he was done,
he was no longer
In his place I saw thorns,
that were once love, lust and anger
Each ingredient that made him human,
now mocked him and his soulful thunder,
There was a visitor,
A victim of love,
A battle he had lost
Grown too frail and old,
In the prime of his life,
struck down from his stride
I buried him today,
but the grave's still open
I pray he returns
I pray he still knows love,
Your caring friend Pablo
We fight a terrible battle, for we think science can explain this thing called love. It sure can and it sure has as hell can't. But I know not many that had loved as much as you had, and too see it fail, my friend I can only offer my sympathies, for love is a thing I do not know but I know it is the only thing you knew. Warm regards, and hope for recovery is all I can offer, get well soon, my friend Afatsum
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