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Dec 2018
Maybe I should start
Ending everything,
So I can evade the snare
Of pain and suffering.
Maybe it's time to stop
The late night cries,
The ifs and whys,
And all the disappointments
I hear from everyone's voice.
Maybe I myself am the noise
I create on my own,
That's why I've been hearing
My whole existence
Like a sound of complete mess.
I've been so stuck
In the weak personality
I don't have to have,
Like a poor photography
I have pathetically loved.
At this moment,
I am not the person
I have ever wanted to be
So maybe...
I should start
Killing myself to be born again.
And maybe...
Now is the time to lose myself
And start destroying the shelf
I used to hide inside.
I am trapped in a world
Where I can't find a word
To release the best of Me.
Maybe I have to be lost
In the universe
To find the brightest star
I can be.
Maybe I have to end my story
To start a new one.
It's time to **** the character
I used to play,
Because maybe
I have to lose myself
To find the better Me.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
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