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Dec 2018
Akalu loko-loko
Everything that falls breaks eventually including love
Everything that rises eventually falls, gravity has never failed  
So what's the point?
Akalu loko-loko
What the point of being in love?
Today, you where not here to see
before my very eyes
Two  lovers
Frolicking at the setting evening sun
Their pleasure visible in their playful kiss
I wise to know also,
Akalu loko-loko
To truly understand
Only they know what's bent behind the
Secrets, the raw passion flowing in their blood, they said it's magic.
Akalu loko-loko
Magic is full of trickery,
Give me just one reason to believe.
The art of living lifts desires of needs and wants; above all true love and
Just like you, Akalu am yearning for accompaniment
Even in the mist of infinite stars you stand still lonely
Awaiting a fictional lover
Akalu loko-loko
You know how it feels,
You know how I feel,
Lonely and lost
Orbiting a crush who never notice my being.
Akalu loko-loko
We both seek for Someone to call my own
Whose love has no bounds and can't be sold (priceless)
That someone who will catch when we fall
To help withstand gravity mighty pull.
But unlike me
Akalu loko-loko You got the sun
A lover light ray that turns you on to glow bright Each passing month.
I have lost faith,
That hope that once beautify love
My mystic garden
has fallen
A journey that has lead to this  
Mournful journal.
Ikimi Festus
Written by
Ikimi Festus  28/M/Nigeria
     sue, Walter W Hoelbling and Fawn
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