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Dec 2018
I got the whole world in my hands,
A woman existing in a diverse land
I thrive in a tribe a group or a clan
I crave and daydream to live in a nomad van
So much beauty to see in all shapes and sizes
So many stories to hear from all the  different lives'
The clear pristine river where the salmon dance makes me quiver in glee
The bears that eat honey and take naps under a tree
Cozy in their giant fur coats so content and free
From the California coast through the seven seas
What a variety of preference and what one believes
The red Sea full of legend and myth
The Indian ocean full of aquatic masterpieces in warm bliss
The iced playground at the bottom of the globe
Where creatures and humans dwell in insulated snowy abodes
What an experience it would be
To eat a banana in the rainforest with a monkey
The humid beauty where fruits grow so pure and abundantly
Giant insects that would send shivers down your spine
Such exotic berries to make a unique wine
What it would be to groove in a congo with the native African man
Where women are so dear and true to their fam
there is endless majesty in this little globe
How I do so wish to see it all before I grow too old
To sit in a rocking chair a mind ever so expanded
So Content and humble never demanded
The need or desire to gather pointless things
But memories everlasting for eons to come
Don't forget to Stop and smell the roses, there isΒ Β no need to run
I vow to always grow and expand ...
I am that I am mother Earth's number one fan
Written by
Nikelle Bianca Redwood  27/F
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