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Dec 2018
I'd like to walk beneath the sky
To see the world under time's cloak
Hear the free birds' wandering cry
To see in flesh the hidden folk
I'd like to walk beneath the sky
To hear Earth's song, bespoke
Feel and taste the Lover's sigh
To go wild as we wake

I'd like to fly over the trees
Dissolve the bars behind my eyes
Divide the buildings from the breeze
That conquer, jade time's skies
I'd leap bold at far horizon
Beat wings against the moon
Touch bonny rainbow, on and on
As its fierce fires bloom

I'd like to soar through stratospheres
Chasing the Angels' light
Who nourish souls with love and tears
Through baleful, evil nights
To God, we'd go, see eternal years
That no ****** devil blights
Puts pain to past, perishes fears
Reveals a universe of light

I'd like to see creation
A magic mist imbued with gold
Transcend time's trepidation
A wonderful Universe to behold
Immortal worlds, God's animation
Its Beauty never sold
A goddesses' destination
See her sweet, unfold
Megan Sherman
Written by
Megan Sherman
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