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Dec 2018
All i needed was a moment.
To keep myself in check.
Not end up like the rest.
A mess.
You couldn't give me a moment.
Cuz you were feeling down,
When i wasn't around
Can't you see.

That it isn't just you.
I've too been feelin blue.
But you didn't have a clue.
You were so focused on yourself.
Didn't know i needed help.
But its too late for me now
Shouldn't have stuck around,
Not stuck around for you.

You knew that I knew,
Something between us wasn't right.
Just a wick to a flame.
Burn bright till there is no more light.

It is too late for me now.
I hope you're finally feeling proud.
That I'm six feet in the ground.
I know your hearts probably in pain.
Watch all of it go away.
When you find you a new main.

You'll just find you a new main.
Going through some things. Haven't written in quite some time. I hope you enjoy it.
Written by
Jonathan Williams  22/M/Seattle, WA
(22/M/Seattle, WA)   
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