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Dec 2018
Tonight when the eye of the sun was low
Silhouetting me, the Storm Crow,
As I mused upon the human hordes
And plotted storms and war and gore
I settled into the nest of night
The warriors drank, the hearths were bright
The stars appeared and the speartips were shining and
I thought it was time for a little reminder.
My venom and hatred and riotous rages
Have pockmarked history down through the ages
I am bringer of fear, the wings of night
I draw upon the Hammer's might
Through any storm or sleet or mist
I can navigate to my Master's wrist
I see all I wish to see
I watch the world from Yggdrasil
I am the power of darkling skies
Of pressure, thunder and stabbing light
I have no care for mankind
And through your darkest dreams I fly
I can tear through the clouds like a stygian rocket
And rip out your brain through your eye socket
Don't fool yourself, spare the derision
You have seen me in your peripheral vision
I am the Crow of lightning and thunder
I see all.  I report back to Thunor
No, I don't give a **** about man
I can bring down darkness on your lands
And after its growling birth
I can call the lightning down to earth
I can peck out your life and sweep up your soul
So don't mess with me -
I am Thunor's Crow.
Dawn Hogarth-Burton
Written by
Dawn Hogarth-Burton
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