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Dec 2018
You say, “I love you”
But talk is cheap and words mean nothing
When the person speaking them
Just talks to talk and never to listen
When your heart swells and theirs doesn’t
So they break it
With the sound of dust
Spilling out onto the floor
With no one to clean it up
Because the only person who can
Is the person doing the breaking
And no matter how hard she tries
It just doesn’t fit right
And it just all falls apart again
And now she’s scared to let anyone in
Just because someone thought
That it would be a good idea to say
I love you
And not to mean it
And to mess around with things they don’t understand
Like a little girls feelings
From a far distant land
To make her feel things she has never before
And to have her heart cracked
And crushed to dust
Just because someone thought it was a good idea
To say I love you before they meant it
Written by
Lovely  15/F
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