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Dec 2018
She liked how it looked
Not too flashy, not too plain.
It was black with a few designs
The colors were starting to fade.
It always looked best on him
So he had worn it everyday
"That sweater looks great on you."
That was what she'd always say.
And then one icy evening
She felt a little cold
So he took off his sweater
To protect her from the snow.
"I'm fine." She lied,
As she suppressed a shiver
But he just rolled his eyes
And put the sweater on her.
"It looks great on you too." He said,
She glanced towards the mirror.
Well, it didn't look quite bad
It did things for her figure.
She kept it for awhile
And smelled it when she missed him
It clothed her at some mornings
Or some chilly evening.
She gave it back, of course
For on him it looked better
Now, you must be wondering
What's so spechial about this sweater?
Nothing, actually.
But guess what happens next.
The boy went to college
And the sweater was what he left.
He had lived his life
He had adventures to explore
So he gave her his favorite clothing
And she dare not ask for more.
She loved it cause it smelled like him
It was now the best thing she owned
He would come back for her
So she waited patiently alone.
Years passed, the sweater lost its scent
It just lays by her dresser
It now smells like detergent
The sweater was just a sweater.
Julia Martin
Written by
Julia Martin  21/F/Neverland
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