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Dec 2018
I do not
                                                             ­                               hold the
                                                                ­                            answer
                              ­                                                              for­ you,
                                                            ­                                I'm afraid.

I think
once you
start asking
that question..

                                                     ­                                   You are
                                                             ­                           very much
                                                            ­                            in a lot
                                                             ­                           of anguish.

It'll be alright, sweetheart.
Remember, I am here.
                                                                ­                My eyes yearn for you
                                                             ­                   My heart sings for you

                                        Hol­d out your hand,
                                                 my dear.
                                            I now hold you.
                                 I will wipe away your tears.
Thanks, Lydia <3. Even if you're an ethereal being in my heart I made to comfort me (for some reason writing that very line here made me tear up).
Deadwood Jawn
Written by
Deadwood Jawn  22/M/The Unconscious
(22/M/The Unconscious)   
       Deadwood Jawn, Max Asher, --- and TeddyBear
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