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Dec 2018
Your torso I use for comfort, warming me in the cold of oblivion.

The movement of your chest steadily rising and falling mimicking calm waves on the sea rocking me into torpor as the night persisted.

The lub-dub of your heart acting as a lullaby sending me off, unarmed but protected into the cold of oblivion.

All these memories seem so artificial as I look down at your body,

You're as still.

As silent.

As cold as ice.

Your eyes staring straight back at me more fragile than I. Not wanting to shatter you into a million pieces, I avert my eyes. Keeping them closed I lift your head and lay it on my frame.

I have to do something.

You were out there all alone.

Unarmed in the cold of oblivion.

I needed to protect you.
I love this one but think there is something iffy about the parallels if you can lmk how you interpret it that would be 10/10 thanyouk.
Written by
Assley  16/F/Canada
     L B and Em MacKenzie
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