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Dec 2018
i am beside myself
but i wish it was you beside me
but you will not be here beside me again
you are lost and gone forever
dreadful sorry
but the world is not
they did not flinch
when your light flickered out
just change the lightbulb
replaceable people
eraseable lead
senators can't look back
when a crusade is on the march
bodies in the street are invisible
cross the street and look the other way
on and ever onward
justice is absolute
and a small sprout of ******
never stood a chance
under the weight of heavy boots
i am a forgiving person
in a general sense
but it is a finite resource now
and i have none in my heart
for the ones who pull triggers
and sign bills
in inkwells of young blood
"when they go low"
i guard my shins
and sweep the ******* leg
i am done with civility
i have been past that point
since paramedics called the time of death
and wiped down your bathroom floor
i have been sharing psychology resources
and teaching my friends to throw punches
in a way that will hurt less
i am making of myself a commander
of survival and resistance against death
i will make sure my friends can endure
the things that destroyed you
i will be a wall against the coming wave
a sword among the shields
and i have to be this
or the jaws of death
begin to shut around me
i cannot be swallowed by this
i cannot be crushed
i will cut my way out of the monster
and make my way out of the darkness
i have to survive
and tell your story to any who will listen
i have to live
to keep your light alive
in mine
a certain politician's victory was rough on me back in november of this year.
charley gwenn
Written by
charley gwenn  25/F
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