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Dec 2018
Cracked relationships
To Cracked skin
Cut friendships
To cut wrists
Broken Families
To broken necks
To feeling
To crying
To writing
To hanging
No one noticed
No one cared
They never saw me struggling
They never saw me cry
They never saw me bleed
Now I hang from a fallen chair
Now my sight goes black
Like the night that took my life
The knife that knew me most
Is beside my bed
The noose that hugs me most hugs me now
In my ultimate escape
My broken family now shattered
My cut friendships now split
My cracked relationship now drowned in sorrow
I'm no longer breathing
I'm no longer thinking
I'm no longer feeling
I'm no longer writing
I just hang their dying
The days I was called names
The days I was judged
Fade away
My anxiety
My paranoia
My depression
My Anorexia
Are all cured by a one time medicine
As I hang I think
Look dad I can finally fly
I'm finally free
No longer will gravity affect me
So goodbye
Good day
And goodnight
Damon Sherry
Written by
Damon Sherry  16/M/Ohio
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