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Dec 2018
It’s funny to think
That people change in a blink
One second it’s this amazing light
The next second it’s a crow that’s taken flight
The moon changes phases every night
Like everyday it needs to change to stay relevant
Society does the same thing
We force ourselves to be relevant to not be forgotten
To not be isolated
To not be “weird”
Today's society find depression relatable
Someone's downfall is a funny thing
But no one thinks of it
Why does something so negative be relatable
Why are all the kids depressed
Why is the media focusing on the bad
Why is everything negative
Why does society tell kids they're not good enough
If their not skinny enough
If their not fat enough
If their not funny
If their too boring
If their not pretty enough
If their too pretty
In the eyes of society were all not good enough
But let’s think for a second
What is good enough.
Damon Sherry
Written by
Damon Sherry  16/M/Ohio
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