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Dec 2018
So you say you’re gonna need a reason
A reason if you’re gonna believe
You’ve got a long list and it’s not easin’
Lies and let downs, how you’ve been deceived
You say it’s a nice story, but how can it all be truth
You heard the words and read the tales
But now you want to see the proof
What good is this faith if logic has failed
Have you felt a hunger you could never satisfy
Have you ever felt had a chill in the middle of July
Did you ever wonder if life had purpose and meaning
Or pass by someone why was positively beaming
It’s a chance to be part of something greater
It’s a family you can turn to when things are looking grim
A place to love and be loved in plenty and in trim
Look at the beauty all around fill your lungs with air
If there is even the slightest chance that my life was not in vain
Then I will take all the hardships and bear all the pain
To believe that life is meaningless would make me lose all hope
And when troubles come and sorrows fall I couldn’t ever cope
It is pretty radical and some might call me crazy
But love is irrational though it makes you do crazy things
And yet when you feel it you know and your heart just sings
And if it all turns out to be just as you say You haven’t lost anything there was no point anyway
But if it just so happens that there is more
I’d want to see you there on that distant shore
So take a leap and hold on tight you’re in for a wild ride
I know it’s crazy but sometimes I get a peek on the other side
Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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