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Dec 2018
The same sun that fills the morning sky
Makes the artist’s paintbrush fly
The same wind that flows softly in the trees
Fills the singer’s lungs and sets the words free
The same water that covers the earth
Can give the people a kind of rebirth
The same earth alive beneath your feet
Gives the poets their steady beat
The same song that’s free and clear
Gives the dancers something so dear
The same life that ebbs and flows
Gives art its thorns and rose
Life is art and for some their art is life
So much beauty and mystery it is always
New and fresh and profound
You see the place we stand is on Holy Ground
We have been blessed with such gifts
We are called to share and use them to lift
Others up who may be searching or hurting
Needing to know they are loved and aren’t alone
Your art may be the only encounter someone has
With faith, with love, with something greater
We ought to be light, to bring light to a world that is dark
To give hope, to show love this is a chance to leave your mark
To make this place a little better than when we first arrived
The world is our canvas paint it with hope and a future
Share your vision, lift your voice
Move your feet and make your choice
Color the world in brighter hues
These are your gifts it’s up to you to use
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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