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Dec 2018
There's a certain attractiveness in agony
To be drawn to something destructive
Like perpetual bliss within a simple discomfort

Whether your soul is old, or it's just learned wisdom
The distraction serves as a habitual nuance
Slowly pulling the strings of routine until each knot is loosened,
Each wall built up is cut into a thousand pieces

Please refrain from bestowing temptations upon me
For I am not strong
I lack critical mindful muscles, and in place are romantic fantasies
I haven't trained my posture to withstand it all,
So do me a favor, leave me untied, all broken up
If not, I shall succumb to a heartthrob personality
My body is fully unable to afford it

With words, a gentle mind is twisted
With a glance, the guiltless eye wanders
I have come to learn that, despite all attempts to repel emotional buckles, the severity of a sweet soul is far too powerful to overcome.
It seems as if I have no choice at all

I am feeling corrupted
Though you promise me ease
Teach me to have faith in your dismemberment
Simultaneous devotion to a psyche so unfamiliar to me
I'm wrapped up in chains, though you swear to me freedom

To where can I possibly turn?
Ruby Nemo
Written by
Ruby Nemo  17/F
   Amanda Goodness
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