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Dec 2018
Dearest mother,

I was never the child you wanted.
I know not what you think.
Forgive me, for I blame myself,
More than you know. Those
Anger filled memories you imposed.
Your statements in wrath. I used
To wonder. Was I good enough?
Is it because you have to stay around,
To take care of me? Or was it the fact that
Your guy messed up every other
Five minutes.

Was it because I was an easy target?
A prey who never fights back. I
Was never the one to want to
Make you despise me. I
Just wanted you to think
Of me as good enough. I -
Write now, to ask this of
You. A few
Questions before I go for good.

What did I ever do to you,
To make you hate me so much?
Was it because of what dad said
Over a thousand times? I know
Those that he said pierce like
Daggers, but why unleash it on me?
Is it because I look like him?
Or my habits remind you so much
Of the good times you shared together?

I won't be able to write to you after this...
My pieces will lay in peace-
Now that I have asked all of
This that stifled me so much.
When you get this letter,
Don't worry your head too much.
How you'll find me? You'll know soon enough.
You can talk to me by my stone.
When reality sinks in sync with concrete.

Love alway from,
Your dearest, most heartbroken child.
I swear I was just thinking and this came to mind.
Written by
Kyla Plummer  14/F/Jamaica
     Fawn and ---
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