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Dec 2018
If you want to know why we ended it's because he fell out of love with me.
He said I couldnt make him happy anymore, and it shook and rattled my brain so much the nurses during the night shift at the hospital knew my name.
You were kissing him while I was at home sobbing over him, when I was craving his skin on mine you were the one making him breathe fast and heavy.
While your toes were in the sand sitting with him and your ******* sunburnt knees, I was going mad writing about my aching love for him.
He wanted my body when you were on the west coast, I withheld myself from him.
It wasn't my soul he missed, it was how I would make words flow from his lips while I used my hands. The depth of his indifference devoured me and made me feel like I was drowning.
Therefore, no I do not want to be your friend. No I do not want to grab a coffee with you. You have this ludicrous idea that I owe you an explanation of why we finally walked away.
It's because you took him one step further from me, and he never looked back.
The boy I always write about, my ex, his ex girlfriend from 2 years ago reached out to find out why he and I broke up. This is everything I wanted to tell her but didnt.
Written by
Broadsky  earth
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