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Dec 2018
One thing or another
Boxes and boxes pile up
My brain looks like a college dorm
On moving day
These things live in a suitcase
A book bag
This old cardboard box
That used to hold printer paper
But now it’s home to the notion
That you are bad
Or good
I haven’t decided yet
Things can’t live in more than one box
When will you learn that I need you to be consistent
Just be all good okay?
Or all bad,
I’m not picky
Choose one so I don’t have to!
I can’t stand the duplicity
The infinite plicity of you people
I want to love you with my whole heart
I really do
But I also want to run away
Pretend you’re all strangers
Because strangers can be all good or
All bad
With strangers, you leave before things get messy
Before your boxes overflow with junk
That you just can’t get rid of quite yet
I want to love all of them
I don’t love the parts that make me mad
Make me feel like I do when I’ve had too much coffee
Smother me until I feel like I’m wearing a turtleneck
That’s just a little too tight
It just wants to keep me warm but hey
Turtleneck, I need a little space sometimes
Some room to grow
So let me take you off,
And put you in a little box that is labeled
"Things that I need to forgive
For not being perfect"
Written by
Grace  21/F
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