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Dec 2018
I have dreams
Dreams to invent for a brighter humanity

The lack of ways to my destination
have lead to my insanity.

A man wants his own family
A man wants his realistic dreams to become reality
why cannot other's aid in those Nobile creativity?

Thousands try to emulate the same idea
however, yours always stands out, jealousy.

Those you are close to are too busy to help
such is life you understand and support

Such is , sadly, they fail to have time to stand back and to see
Could this be the end of the future for me?

I sit stagnant and plan out idea after idea to make my creations a reality

Donations of my creations are all  I wish to do is brighten the world
Money takes time even to volunteer for such, overseas.

What do I have to do for the "charge" appointees to see
such breaches in communication is causing my hope to cease?

I stay hopeful and strong and fight to spread my messages
Not for fame, money, however investment helps one gain needed tools....

In this conflictive would, how must one become less than one of the dark and given in fools?
Kevin Michael Kappler
Written by
Kevin Michael Kappler  Illinois
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