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Dec 2018
Not much longer now before we and Keats
Must pack up all our impedimenta
Into a photocopier paper box
And after a Wal-Mart-cake reception – leave

No one will notice us, and that’s okay
Thomas and Frost will meet us with the car
Greene will suggest that we go for a drink
The designated driver might be Shakespeare

With Fermor beside him reading the map
Guareschi and Wodehouse laughing in the back
Lewis and Chesterton will bring the beer
And Leonard Cohen will adjust his hat

In God’s name we will sit under the apple trees
And tell merry tales of the lives of kings

          And whether we shall meet again I know not.
          Therefore our everlasting farewell take:
          For ever, and for ever, farewell…
          If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;
          If not, why, then, this parting was well made.

                             -Julius Caesar V.1.115-119
After a year of rumors and contradictory communications, the once-busy satellite campus of my little community college surrendered the buildings today.  In the event I was granted a stay because of certain commitments among the several controlling institutions and agencies and, like the Ghost of Marley, will rattle around a mostly empty building for a few more months.

As for the staff, good and loyal employees, one of them for the past eighteen years - unemployment.

The Psalmist advises us not to put our trust in princes.  I would add "...or elected bodies."
Written by
Lawrence Hall
       Pradip Chattopadhyay and Wk kortas
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