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Dec 2018
Ive been giving little pieces of myself to people.
But ive never given someone enough to get the full view of who I am.
Some see my addictions.
Some know what keeps me up at night.
One knows that I havent felt at home in years.
Some know that taking care of myself is a battle and that Im not always sure about fighting anymore.
A few get to see how sweet my heart can be but that never lasts.
Only a handful know my past, know about how I run when I get feelings. Since the others dont know they dont stick through or try to talk me down from it. They just let me go.
Im a mystery that nobody gets the real chance to solve before I disappear.
Im a ghost haunting the potential relationships I could’ve had before my apparition fades to black.
The ghosts of the past dont haunt me anymore but sometimes they pay me a visit, whispering to me in the dark.
    Just let someone in.
       Last time was just the wrong person
Im moments before fading away
   But do they ever miss me?
Written by
Dallas  19
       Fawn, Cassie, Sameera Krishna, ---, Lizzie and 1 other
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