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Dec 2018
The Moose and the mouse
     ran through our house
        on that cold, gray winter's day.
The shower stammered
    as the dishes clamored
        and all our guest ran away.
Mother shrieked
     as the windows creaked
         and heavy hooves could be heard overhead
            as a tiny mouse darted up her blouse
                and she passed out as if she weren't fed......
I knew in my heart
    that I had to start
       to think up a well thought plan
           to rid my house
               of this moose and mouse
                   while my dear little house did stand.....
I grabbed a rope with my greatest hope
     to lasso this moose so big
         as the ceiling cracked
             throwing dusty wood flack
                  of plaster
                      and tiny wood twig.......
I charged the stairs throwing aside all fears
     like a gallant knight to rescue his queen.
Coming upon my room where this beast of doom
      lurked in the shadows as if not to be seen....
I stood my ground
      quickly calmed down
          each moment seemed like a day
              as this large scary moose
                 began to boost
                   "Boy! I've just come here to play."
"Play!" I did say in such a scolding way
       "And destroy my dear little house!?"
"Not my fault dear boy!
     it wasn't my ploy to enter your dear little house
         for when your mom exited her car
              she left the front door ajar
                 and let in my dear little friend
                     the mouse."
A little play on words and maybe a little touch of the winter's spirit.
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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