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Dec 2018
She said I shouldn't worry too much
She'll be there even if life gets rough,
I've been told that I'm not enough
But that's okay I've been told a lot

Every time I feel down to my core
And  my eyes get sore
I know she'd be there to cheer me up
Like how an elevator goes up
But it would come down, it would come down
It's like she presses the buttons to keep it up

I know I'm too much
She can't take that much
I feel that she's gonna give up
It's about time that she's gon give up
She's tired and got enough

I'm not that worth it and that *****
I won't be surprised
When the time comes
And I can't feel her care
I know because it was too much
All my problems were too much
And it was enough.
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