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Dec 2018
Opportunity surrounds me.

Like a restaurant menu I can
pick and choose which
items bet suit my palate,
though i'm afraid my mouth is
too dry
to fully appreciate the
savor off these new cuisines -
though they are quite fresh,
well prepared and
no doubt more nutritious than my
usual burger stand;
somehow, the burger sounds more

I know it is quite
strange to crave a
tasteless hamburger when
fillet mignon is on the table,
but I think what I really
desire is the familiar atmosphere;
people who understand
why I'm there because
they've been doing the same for years -
keeping with the
everyday tradition of
quick and familiar.

And, though we often
fantasize of gourmet, new would be
too much of a
bother to find agreeable.

Thus, we remain satisfied with the
every day grease ball burgers and
soggy fries.

Β©Nathan A. Brock 2018
Written by
Nightwolf  31/M/Behind You
(31/M/Behind You)   
   Nishu Mathur and Woody
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