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Dec 2018
Dear future daughter or son
I love you so with all my heart
That you'll know as soon as life's begun
I’ll never hurt you on purpose
Here I promise I’ll give you my all
Even after you stand confident and tall
I am someone you’ll be able to turn to when in need
If your heart is broken just come to me
Mommy will know best, and I’ll help you heal
Never will you be alone or forced to kneel
You’ll go somewhere in life, far to where your dreams call you
Like I followed mine to have you
I hope my suffering and pain has been plenty to rid you of yours
Take this and watch all the opportunities and doors
They will open wide with possibility and life
As my arms open wide with nurturing and love
Watch the sky, study the clouds
They move at their own pace and still get around
Listen to trees whisper among each other
They stay close but grow independently, as did mother
See the night sky bloom with stars
And the planets find their destiny from Pluto to Mars
See the waves kiss the sand
You can be whatever you want, whether woman or man
Disparity is a virtue even when you won’t find immediate clarity
It’ll bring hardships but prosperity
Where you won’t find solidarity you’ll eventually find popularity
From your attitude and mind’s wise unfollowing of the technicalities
Don’t be afraid my baby, when your thoughts run wild and free
Taming them isn’t always a necessity
Just learn who you are and hold it close at heart
Take all the colors of your personality- paint now with your art
You’re going to be unrelenting, brave and strong-willed
Do what you must, even when tough times call for the swallowing of a bitter pill
Keep going even when people cause you to fall ill
Run, my honey, run and run
Run, run, run to where you need to go
Run, my darling to where you know
Run and keep running to the lights beautiful flow
As it casts on about and lets out an astounding glow
It is where you’ll find your home, and let it be so
Let these words guide you through life
One day you’ll be born, and my letter you’ll set sight
I love you future daughter or son, you’ll know wrong from right
And I’ll love and love with all my might.
I will treat my future daughter or son much better than my mother treated me.
Written by
Sienna  F/Past
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