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Dec 2018
It’s at my toes, it begins to rise
Ebbing and flowing, just like the tides
It’s coming in quick, and going out slow
How long I can stay here, I do not know
One thing I do know, I better be quick
At my ankles, it’s starting to lick
I look for an exit, but none can be found
I had some calm left, but now it’s unwound
If I don’t find an exit, soon I’ll be swimming
I’d rather not, be fish Thanksgiving
It’s up to my thighs, there’s no time to waste
I feel for anything, I’m searching with haste
It’s reached my neck, a feeling settles in
I start to accept, that I will not win
I take a deep breath, as it reaches the top
I feel as though, my lungs will pop
I reach my limit, and a breath I do draw
At the edges of my vision, darkness does gnaw
Then it’s all black, nothing to see
What has just, happened to me?
Written by
RJ  19/M/Washington
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