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Jan 2013

Sagacious humans would concur
Salacious verbiage is trenchant
Verdant language withers a guileless soul
Hubristic linguists deem limpid oratory irksome

A Didactic, petulant, boorish, garrulous, nefarious, obtuse, and insolent
Overtone is not my intent
Puckish, risible, mannered, jocular, antic, and adroit
Reverberations I am manifesting



Smart people would agree
Healthy words are sharp
Unripe words die naive spirits
Self-confident word users find simple language annoying

Moral instruction, rude, insensitivity, wordy, wicked, blunt, and contemptuous
Feelings are not my purpose
Impish (silly), laughable, artificial, playful, clownish, and clever
Reactions I'm hoping to create
As a poet, words are always on my mind. I do, however, believe that words are worthless if they are not understood.

If $2 words aren't comprehended by the audience, they are not worth a cent!
Written by
Chuck  PA, USA
(PA, USA)   
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