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Dec 2018
I walked into the room
Surprised to find you alone
You sit there ignoring me as if you were expecting my company
I sit down next to you
Wondering what was going to happen next
You kiss me and grab me like an alcoholic grabs a bottle after a long day of sobriety
You slowly move closer and begin to nestle yourself into me to find some sort of comfort
Moments later you ask how I’m doing
I tell you the truth
“I’m doing fine”
even though that is far from reality
but in my head, it sounds right
my words travel in one ear out the other
but I don’t mind
I’m here with you
And that’s all I wanted
I proceed to return the favor and ask how are you
And with the same intentions
You reply, “I’m fine”

It’s the silence that kills
The elephant in the corner
Staring at both of us
First at you, then at me
You’re good like that
Ignoring the obvious
Or maybe your just not bothered by it at all
But for me it the only thing on my mind
I try to be like you
But I guess I just care more

Not long after the silence is broken
We migrate from one room to another
You slowly begin to undress
Which signals me to do the same
You grab me and throw me on your bed
I’m stunned but carry on
We proceed with our usual endeavors
Your hand between my legs
Searching for a reaction
I give you what you want
Even though my attention is elsewhere
You tell me to move up and you continue
You notice somethings up and tell me I’m tense
I guess my acting wasn’t on point and you caught me
You tell me to breath and relax
But you and I both know that’s not going to work
We proceed and I pretend some more
You look up for a reaction and I give you that satisfaction
And when your finished
It’s my turn to make you moan
I get to work
I make sure to do all the things I know will make your hair stand up
I move lower and lower
Till the only thing left do is swallow your pride
You grab my hair and push me down
You love it when you have control
You pull me up to your face and kiss me
I expected this to happen next

We play the same chords over and over again
Only to continue with the movements
But this time it’s different
And right before the end you tell me you missed me
But you didn’t miss me
You missed what my body provides
A place to hold your manhood
And like the alcoholic needs a drink
You need someone to cherish your manhood
My body to you is who I am
It’s what you crave
You need the parts of me that serve you
That’s what you miss
I lie there in silence
Staring at the elephant  
Until I finally say
I missed you too
a poem to my past lover
Written by
Brando  18/New York
(18/New York)   
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