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Dec 2018
Always remember a very
a special moment with Helen because of her disabilities our love life
had suffered over the years
But I loved her and that's what mattered sometimes almost forgotten what her
capabilities of making love would be, purely because of pain she
But I was getting Helen ready to go out for the day I dressed In beautiful black leggings matching bra, she was a bit hot she left her blouse off, this she had done many times before I thought nothing of
But we had plenty time before we were due to go out
I sat looking at her and I was thinking Helen you look so beautiful and my God you're so very ****
why had not seen this sooner
Can only say In my defence being 24/7 carer I
shamefully spent to much time caring not enough time loving, anyway she
realised she having an effect
Big time she started
to play on It more, In a way only Helen could do, I
hadn't seen her so **** In years
But I said If you don't stop teasing I'm going to come over there and give you a good seeing
Helen laughed and said what you waiting for so I did we rekindled what been lost all these
Afterwards she said  you can do that once a week for me, I felt so honour and privileged
after all those barren years
not understanding what her capabilities making love really were and I felt so guilty
Could have loved Helen much more often, just had to approach ******* In slightly different
Because of her disabilities but sadly a week later she went In Hospital there she
died, we never did get another chance to love that way again.
Sady to busy caring 24/7
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
   Ben Noah Suri, SMS and Daniel Ruiz
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