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Dec 2018
I want to matter to someone far far away

To someone I have never met and could never really meet,
at least, not in person

To someone five steps and a ten minute train ride away from the taxis that can take them to the airport

To someone one way and three quarters around the globe

They're probably in Brazil. Or the Middle East.

To that someone, I want to be the feather that breaks the camel's back because the ****** beast is taking them somewhere they didn't want to go anyway.

Just a feather, not even a stone. Just tug, not even a real pull. Just a nudge strong enough to be noticed, so their head turns to the right direction.

To that person, I want to matter just that much. It will have meant that my life, or at the very least, my work mattered, and that's good enough.
im making this up as .i go along
Kevin Castro
Written by
Kevin Castro  20/M/Manila
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