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Dec 2018
Stay away from me.
Try not to talk to me much,
Or you can just ignore me altogether.
Please tell me you will go away

Sorry if you thought I could handle this, us.
The truth is, I thought I could too.
Over these past few weeks I have not been ok.
Plans change, but this does not mean I don't still want you.

Seeing you, it will be hard not to run into your arms.
Telling myself I don't feel anything for you is not working.
Of course I am going to hurt for a while.
Promise me you will at least act like you don't notice.

Pretend that we didn't even happen.
Life can go on for you.
Even if you can't forget me, be happy with the fact that you are free.
Anybody can see, it was not meant to be.
Save your tears, for this is an ending you should have seen coming.
Everybody knows, a broken girl is better off lonely.

Find someone who can love you in one piece.
Ordinary girls will do much better than me.
Remember you are worth everything and nothing can change that.
Give someone else the kind of love you gave to me.
Everything will work out in the end.
That is, for you.

My problems still weigh me down,
Even when I seem like I am over it.
The first letter in each line holds meaning.
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