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Dec 2018
Lord, into your presence I come
Singing songs of worship and praise
I come to give glory and share in your story
Of sinners and saints throughout the age
Our lives our stories are as sacred hymn
Precious gifts; music unto him
Shine your face upon us rain down your love
Holy Fire of God fall on us from Heaven above
I sing for you as words pour from my tongue
I dance for you as if you are the only one
I live for you every hour every minute
I try to love for you without limit
I lift up my voice and raise my hands to the sky
Offering up all to the one enthroned on high
To what shall we compare you when nothing comes close
When the greatest eloquence is nothing more than verbose
But in your goodness you have blessed us to express
A vivid if fleeting glance of your glory and grace
A moment of heaven revealed in this place
We come with heads bowed on bended knee
That in our humility we may start to see
The gravity of what you did and what it means
This changes everything turning life upside-down
But he is our rock our anchor our solid ground
Hold fast to Him when life is all sound and fury
Cry out to Him and be not afraid you need not worry
I stand here today to speak as one who understands
Both fear and uncertainty, and still the peace from his plans
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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