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Nov 2018
18 things I learned at 18

One book. Just find time to read one book.
Two friends is all you really need.
Three year anniversaries are magical if you’re in love.
Four “unhealthy” meals won’t make you gain five pounds.
Five college classes a semester is hard but necessary.
Six people staring at your blue lipstick will only make you more powerful.
Ten pounds. You might gain might lose it. Don’t be mad about either.
Eleven, the age I wish I was.
Twelve year old birthdays are strange because your brother is almost a teenager.
Thirteen times. You’ve changed your mind about the future eight times.
Fourteen times. You’ll probably change your mind fourteen more times.
Fifteen was most definitely the worst age ever.
Sixteen Candles is apparently a good movie...still haven’t seen it.
Seventeen years old I was when I stopped eating meat and went dairy.
Eighteen years old does not make you an adult. And you only bought one lottery ticket. And you ate meat again to make sure you still want to be a vegetarian (You do. You almost threw up afterwards because you felt so guilty. So, don’t do that again.) You really want to go back to veganism but feel like you can’t. You’re making excuses. But it’s’re eighteen.
Nineteen is here. Nineteen years and counting. Nineteen years of mistakes, failures, badassery, and kickassery. Nineteen times around the sun. Let’s see how much more fun we can have.
My 19th birthday is this Sunday, so I made an ode to 18.
sage short
Written by
sage short  18/earth
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