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Nov 2018
Healing is a like a purgatory
where I spend my time bouncing back and forth
between feelings of "over it"
and "I'll never be the same"
Trying, grasping at feelings of sane.
In this temporary hold of time,
where I don't have control over self and mind,
I pray
I pray for myself
for happiness and health
I pray and I pray for the day not spent lying awake,
awake in thought of me and you,
awake in thought of a time in place where smiles rang true
a time in place before I had any sort of clue
of just how south we were heading
off the road into a dead end
a place where the ground all of the sudden let in
no support below, we were falling
the fall was hard, to the point it knocked me out
when I awoke I had come to find
that we had landed in separate places of distance and time
so purgatory I sit
until feelings of sadness and anger no longer fit
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