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Nov 2018
Today I cried. I stood still for a moment too long. And with my breaking point knocking, heavy on my door. I laid my heavy body down. Sunk deep into the ground. And here is the thing. Tomorrow, when the moon of yesterday is done watching over, after she has sung me to sleep with the lullabies I find it her moonshine, I will wake up. Stand, with a little less pressure on my shoulders. I cried out the hurt and endless wonders, released the tension in my body.

Today I cried. And here is the thing. I am always just waiting, tick tock, I am waiting. For my friend, my breaking point, to come knocking once more. Tapping on my bedroom window. Standing over me. Making my breath come shallow, blurring vision and losing color, softly squeezing my heart until I am nothing. I am smothered. Until her shadow, drowns my sorrow and the tears come flooding. And I find comfort in the darkness. Lonely sometimes brings such comfort. Misery a feeling I wish to wallow in.

Today I cried. And here is the thing. I will smile. Joke around, my friend came by last night, we just had a long talk. I simply am tired. I am not vulnerable.

And here is the thing. This is a never ending cycle. And somedays, with salt sticking to my cheeks, body disconnected from the world, I don't mind this feeling. I simply feel tired.
Robin Lemmen
Written by
Robin Lemmen  23/F/Berlin, Germany
(23/F/Berlin, Germany)   
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