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Dec 2018
No one knew me
like you did.
Sometimes I'm convinced no one does.
because no one could hurt me
like you did,
you knew exactly how your words
would cut the deepest
(I did too)

No one else had walked around
in my skin
worn my emotions
searched a shattered limbic system
cracked a chest and stared
at my vulnerable, pulsing heart.

But I have seen you too.

And I know how you like to breathe iron
weave severed veins
wade in my blood
and wait for me to betray
the life I strive to live.

No one knows me like that
No one knows just *******
that magical part of me
the part that just trusted
the part that just believed
in goodness

No one knows me,

You wanted to see me
a fire you extinguished
a damp collection of pieces

but no one knows me

No one has seen the pieces reassembled,
systems in sync
emotions filed

I've stopped mopping the floors
stopped hoping I can erase the stain of red
emblazoned in once white grout.

there are still shards of glass
that sometimes ***** an unsuspecting toe

but I have stoppedΒ Β 
God knows I've dedicated enough poetry to you.

so today i don't cry over you
I don't love you
and I don't hate you.

I have learned to live without you

turns out

it wasn't so hard.

So if you're waiting to hear it
I forgive you.

–and stay the **** away.
written 12/6/18
Written by
Egg  20/F
     sparklysnowflake and ---
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