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Nov 2018
Communication... the means of connection between people.

   After much study into Our charts it seems that this area of Our relationship requires the most attention.
   i known that i myself have a tendency to keep everyone at arms length, which stems from trust issues, i'm working on it, but old habits die hard.
   Emotionally disconnected is what ive been told is how i seem but contrary to popular belief within me lies a torrent, i don't share how i feel because most people are too concerned with their own lives to truly care.
   So i ask that we talk With each other, as often as possible, i want to learn to speak with You in the manner in which You listen, i want to know absolutely everything there is about You.
   i understand that such a level of trust will take time and as long as Your willing to make the investment i know that i am too, we need to work together, the rest of our lives depends on it.
    i do look forward to the time when a single glance will speak a thousand words between us.
   There are many other aspects of our charts to be discussed but we'll cover all that once we are together.

   ive spent the first half of my life seeking You, i want to spend the second half thankful that You are found.

   Always know that i Love You...
multi sumus
Written by
multi sumus  The Wood
(The Wood)   
       M-E, Lora Lee, Moonlight, multi sumus, --- and 2 others
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