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Nov 2018
When you are at your list point you
Think everything is lost
You're alone, upset, fearful, scared
You are afraid to reach out, thinking
No one will answer or no one will care
But it's at your lowest that you realize you aren't

As you think you are crashing into rock bottom of despair you hit something solid.
Thinking this is it you look out and see darkness underneath you. You landed on a ledge

As you look up you see people looking down at you and ropes start being lowered to you. Friends you haven't talked to in years, friends who you just met and those spread across the globe start pulling you up

It's at your lowest when you realize you aren't at rock bottom. People will be there for you helping you back up
Friends no matter if you talked yesterday or three years ago they answer your call. Friends in different time zones answer when they can doing whatever they can from so far

It's at this time you realize how blessed you are, because at your lowest you see the only way is up from here
I've gone through a rough breakup The last couple weeks. I've been writing again to help me through it and can't thank the support group I have surrounding me. Especially my loves across the world; Bea, Lisa, Becky and of course Emmy. Thank you too your four for everything ❤️
Sean Hastings
Written by
Sean Hastings
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