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Nov 2018
I find myself overshadowed by the universe,
Just a tiny breathing creature on a tiny earth,
The turbulence of my cries dies in my throat,
And when it greets the world, the world is lost in thought.

I ask a bird to carry me, and I stand in the sky,
I shout listen to me, I have a speech filled with I's,
I refuse to be lonely, that my voice gets forgotten,
Power lies in me, even though I'm at the very bottom.

And I look around, but nobody has raised their heads,
The earth is still orbiting in its same old orbit,
The sun smirks at me, as it announces a new day,
That's when I realized, that initially I had nothing to say.

The bird abandons me, and I sullenly walk home,
Maybe the world doesn't need me, I'm better off alone,
I hang my head, my sweat collects into a pool,
I jump into it, time to drown off just another fool.

When my shame has departed, I shake off the water,
I realize that my hand aches to rant to a blank paper,
So I write and I write till night becomes dawn,
And even then my mind had the capacity to ramble on.

Inspiration only finds me at times when I'm by myself,
And we witness this little miracle where art is given birth,
A tinier world forms within a tiny world,
Where all I want is written, painted, drawn, said, and heard.

The more I walk in this life, the more I get to see
My little solar system assemble tiny piece by tiny piece,
And I get to visit all those places people frequent in their dreams,
But this time I'm the master writing every scene.

And maybe one day someone would stumble into this dimension,
They'd get to live my stories in a world of my invention,
You don't have to scream at the world to show you have power,
Just do what you love, and in the aftermath you'll live forever.

● ● ●
"Power has been cried by those stronger than me."    ~ Hozier
Mona Mohamed
Written by
Mona Mohamed  22/F
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