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Apr 2010
3 Day Death March

It was 3 days ago I reported the death of my world,
an implosion of a not-so-super star like a white dwarf,
though small in size, the dwarf, like my brain is very dense,
the intense fusion of helium to carbon and oxygen left too much
floating matter for my cerebral understanding of the situation.
Well the 3 day death march has started. I finally have made the
connection from my cranium to my bleeding heart. I don't at this
point, know how I can explain the total confusion that has slowly
been absorbing my soul, without the massive usage of four-letter
explicitly descriptive words. I want to yell from the tallest building
in Malaysia how much pain I now feel. Challenging the gods to explain
their compassion for their children, when I did nothing to deserve
this much discomfort and confusion. Oh, I did allow myself the
indulgence of falling in love. How dare me. How ******* dare me.
Do I sound angry? Yes I am angry. As each day passes by, a little more
of my defensive shield disintegrates into nothingness,
exposing me to the truths that are staring me in the eye.
It is over, although the binary counterpart had shown some weakness,
logic overtook that temporary faux pas, a few morsels of fodder
where thrown to me to nibble on, and ease the isolationism
feeling that was slowly absorbing the mind and body.
I managed to control my tuning into recent messages that were
transmitted at first, showing my intestinal fortitude, displaying
my control of the situation. By the second day, a little more slippage of bestowers will, kept hopes high that maybe this wasn't over.
The dreaded third day arrived finally, and confirmation was obvious.
The separation has been confirmed. The messages have stopped.
The sledge hammer has pounded my submission to the ground.
I ******* hate this. From ecstasy to the out house.
I never signed on for this. I never asked for this. I never wanted this.
The 3 day death march ***** big time. Don't know if a 4th day
will arrive. At this point, I really don't give a ****. Love *****.

Gomer Lepoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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