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Nov 2018
Dad, I know you would not want me to say..
but I miss you every single day.

You were my hero from an early age
my guardian, my teacher, my wisely sage.

You and Mum raised us all with such love.
Handling us all with kitten gloves.

Your knowledge and experiences you would freely impart.
You really were oh so smart.

There was nothing you wouldn't do
To keep your Family close to you.
An arm to hold us, stop us falling down.
An ear to listen when no one else was around.

You were strength
You were smart
You were fun
You were loyal
You were our rock

We won't forget you Dad, you'll never leave our hearts.

Love you **
It would have been my Dads birthday on Sunday, two days after my Daughters, four days after my Grandaughters.

He would have been 84.

My Dads been gone for two years now but I miss him every day.

Since last November ive written and self published three children's books and it is my only regret that my Dad didn't get to see this I know he would have been so proud.

I will be visiting a local place very dear to us on Sunday and raising a glass to my beloved Dad.

Thank you for listening **
Jackie Mead
Written by
Jackie Mead  58/F/United Kingdom
(58/F/United Kingdom)   
         Amanda Kay Burke, Lida Dela, GENIE, Que, --- and 137 others
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