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Nov 2018
If I had 88 keys in my life,
I could show you something great.
A world of no judgement and cries
a world of no fear and hate.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
you’d never see anybody worry.
You’d never see anybody cry;
you’d see the world in all it's beauty.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
I’d let you feel all the greatest feelings.
I’d let you feel the rain, the sunshine,
the pain, and everything would be just fine.

but i  can’t

You don’t want to believe
that this dangerous world we can leave.  
We can use our imagination,
to make a whole, new great nation.

You don’t want to think that all this trouble can go away.
You think that we have to stay.
You think we don’t have to do anything,
you don’t want to do anything.

But anyone can make a difference,
and try to take away this bitterness.
But you just don’t want to try,
you’re just going to sit there and die.

Life isn’t really fair,
and you just really need to care.
to touch the heart of someone else,
You first need to change yourself.
It bothers me so much on how some people just don't care. All of these school shootings and other horrible tragedies just seem to worsen. I pray that they will get better and that everyday, this world will be more safe, kind, and caring.
Masha Yurkevich
Written by
Masha Yurkevich  14/F/Playing the piano...
(14/F/Playing the piano...)   
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