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Nov 2018
Oh no!
Here she comes again.
Mom please!
I don't want to fight.
Please stop yelling.
I didn't take your food.
I swear.

I'm not listening to this.
I walk away.
What are you doing?
Why did you put my head through the wall.

I punch, I kick.
I fight back.
Why are you choking me?
I bite her arm.

My aunt calls the police.
Four officers break up the fight.
Why am i being cuffed.
Why isnt she going too?
I didn't do anything wrong.

The detective questions me.
I spend three days in county jail.
The district attorney finally drops the charges.
Now I have to go back to her.

Please Lord let me live.
I promise to do good.
I'll change I promise.
Please don't let me die.
This actually did happen to me when I was 15 years old. My mother was/still is emotionally,  verbally,  and physically abusive to me. Though the physical abuse has mostly stopped since I am trained in the use of firearms, baton, pepper spray, jujitsu, and defense and arrest tactics.
Written by
The Lioness  30/F/Wisconsin
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