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Nov 2018
Everything was better
we kept in contact.
Now I write the message
and I don’t receive one back.
Tell me babygirl,
what kind of **** is that?
When you were down and
Whose the one who pulled you back?
We done
went through some tough ****,
I truly thought we would last.
But I lied to myself,
Convinced that it would help,
Now I’m trapped in this room
And there’s nobody else.
Smoking on the ****,
Drinking on the lean,
I’m bold but I’m so lonely.
******* random *******
But I still don’t feel a thing.
****** healing,
No Marvin Gaye,
We were on the same path
then you went astray,
Like the blunt that I’m smoking
thrown into
the ashtray,
Like the smoke exhaled.
You faded away.
I never thought I’d see they day
when you up and left,
Everything was better
we kept in contact.
One or Two?
1.“****** Healing/ No Marvin Gaye”
2. “****** Healing/
Why Marvin lie to me?”
Written by
M-PAC  23/M
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