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Nov 2018
Face so kind
Sweet like cinnamon
Eyes a lagoon
Crooked grin and caramel heart

What do you see
Where do you look
For someone to see you?
For someone to see like you?

You make me wanna trip
And fall
And tremble
You’ve got your triggers
And I’ve got mine

You make me feel high
In a good way, like a five
You make me feel seen

You line me up with your shining eye
And rip right through me
When I thought my walls were steel
When I thought at least /those/ were real

You’re the golden boy
You’re the sun
And around you, I feel safe and warm and one

But for how long?
Because the sun always sets
And my trigger gets pulled
Because intertwined fingers are clumsy
My heart is clumsy

I wanna put you on safety
But I can’t even trust myself to aim in the right direction
I always tighten the choke too much
And you’re a .22 caliber
The golden boy
Written by
sekots  22/F/georgia
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