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Nov 2018
Powdered blue, I seep into
A lost city, that one city
Where rainbow colors shine upon
The fragile appall of this shining race
I call a sick fantastical whimsical face
*****, ****, thieve
No matter how we do it, we don't heed
We don't need
To smell, to taste the greed
Of a cold-blooded primitive man
Into this crazy kaleidoscope
That you put up to stop our plans.

Liquid red, I fall into a trance
Babes, everyone wanna dance
Lightning in a bottle,
Bottle it up
Lick it up
**** it up, you stuck-up ****-up ****-up
And a ******* headache in the morning
Rise up, follow up
Don't stop stopping
To stop popping
And stop
To stop at a stopping stomp.

A grey smoke at the white table,
We starve off our stories and fables.
Listen to the rock and roll radio
As we drive past the speed limit
Man without limits
Is it what that impasse is, that can be passed?
How many can ye,
O faithful people
Pass into limbo
Pass unto your mumbo-jumbo,
I will hold onto that doorknob's hole
Looking at the narrow path ahead.
Before the dead man drives me dead.

Let us, then, oh you and I,
With our black dresses and white umbrellas
Drive off into the desert road
To look at the sun's light
Oh, how our blight
Has caused us blind
But we don't seem to mind
What we inject unto ourselves!
L e a d  t h e  w a y ,  o h  l e a d  p o i s o n i n g.
Written by
anotherken  15/M/Philippines
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